risk-1Our most comprehensive assessment, the HighCastle Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, begins with a review of your organizational goals and desired protection level of key tasks and processes. We then benchmark your security environment to Common Criteria, OWASP and other relevant frameworks such as NIST, ISO, SANS and tie recommendations to your organization’s mission tree in a meaningful and actionable way.

A thorough review of all devices on the network, areas of vulnerability and immediate remediation actions are included. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of data assets at risk is included as well as a probability of loss to those assets. This type of risk assessment can be expanded for organizations subject to specific data security regulation and compliance requirements such as SEC, HIPAA or PCI-DSS.

Our proprietary approach to evaluating your security posture results in output that is highly tailored to your organization’s business goals, the particular industry risks you face and highly relevant estimates of your business assets at risk. Our recommendations are concise and most importantly actionable. Our approach is holistic and examines your organization in the context of industry, sector, and assets of value from a hacker’s perspective.

Our CyberRisk Assessments can be consumed in a discrete fashion to ‘check a box’ or performed on a more frequent basis and integrated with our Continuous Vulnerability & Threat Management (CVTM), for a highly robust defense mechanism against cyber attacks.