The best way to defend against cyber threats is to make monitoring continuous. Our Continuous Threat & Vulnerability Management-As-A-Service identifies, analyzes, and remediates vulnerabilities and threats in real time, keeping your network running and corporate assets safe. Our subscription-based model blends our expertise and platform capabilities with your organization’s strengths, resulting in lower operational costs and a more efficient security program.

Companies face attacks daily from competitors, criminals, and nation-state entities who exploit all possible vulnerabilities to compromise networks and access sensitive data. The real-time measurement and monitoring, of vulnerabilities and threats, is essential to stopping these complex attacks.

Our unique service model provides comprehensive protection for your company using a subscription model that blends our expertise and platform capabilities with your organization’s strengths, lowering operational costs.

CTVM as a Service Includes:

  • Regular executive indicator and reporting debriefs
  • Vulnerability prioritization and remediation plans
  • Real-time attack surface measuring
  • Real-time on-the-wire passive vulnerability assessment and threat monitoring
  • Real-time indicator of compromise alerting
  • Regular active vulnerability assessments
  • Log collection from Windows, routers & switches, firewalls, Linux and Applications
  • Log archival
  • Forensics
  • Access to our expert Security Incident Response and Management Team

Comprehensive, Subscription-Based Services:

You can define the areas where you want to support and retain as much control over your security as your business requires. Overall, our “Security as a Service” solutions give you access to a comprehensive, proactive approach to managing, monitoring, and protecting your business. We offer a dynamic subscription model and a unique three-tier system that blends our security engineers with your organization’s staff and processes. Then we incorporate industry-leading tools and processes like the CylancePROTECT antivirus software to keep you and your systems safe. Our advanced platform of automated threat & vulnerability monitoring and mitigation capabilities works 24/7/365 to protect your network against emerging threats.

Levels of Service:

Tier 1: Security Infrastructure as a Service (SIaaS) includes a turnkey Threat & Vulnerability management platform for your organization’s in-house expertise without the distractions of platform maintenance, upgrades and licensing overhead. It includes maintenance, licenses, and subscriptions.

Tier 2: Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) includes Tier 1 plus notification of threat events, vulnerability assessment configuration and administration, monthly debriefs on threats, vulnerability prioritization and tracking, and access to incident management from our global security operations centers.

Tier 3: Incident Management as a Service (IMaaS) includes Tier 2 plus day-to-day monitoring and management activities to remediate incidents, perform root cause analysis as needed to resolve issues, and execute standard changes. The service also includes full integration into the RAVENii 7-stage security incident response process to serve as an incident operation and reporting process.