We’ve worked with clients across several key verticals – here are several industry specific success stories.


A $5.2B global provider of real-time securities market data, reference data and trading infrastructure sought a secure way to protect their proprietary models in third-party hardware.

We helped them find a low cost and secure way to achieve this, increasing profitability by over 20% on a key product line.


A $1B global law firm needed to implement a real-time way to report on access to case data by employees to clients, shareholders and senior management.

We led a project to streamline and secure this process, increasing IT team productivity by 10%.


A renowned 1,000+ bed research and teaching hospital needed to deploy an electronic health records system to improve the security of their patients’ HIPAA information.

We trained hundreds of hospital staff in the use of the compliant system, so that all HIPAA information was created and stored securely, resulting in the hospital successfully passing all subsequent HHS OCR compliance audits.

Higher Education

A prestigious Ivy League university needed a secure and efficient process to augment their IT service management software deployment. Through interviews with key stakeholders and automating key processes leveraging secure technology, the finance, IT and operations functions experienced significantly improved productivity.


A $1B architectural engineering firm needed to build a temporary but highly secure project office in a major U.S. airport. We assisted in the design and infrastructure of the space that allowed for secure mobility for staff with demanding bandwidth requirements so the project could be completed securely and on time.


A $2B+ retail entertainment company wanted to secure over 44K of its corporate hardware and POS assets. We designed and implemented a solution whereby assets could be scanned into inventory before being deployed on the organization’s premises and securely tracked and monitored through their entire life cycle to disposition.