In the old days, antivirus software was that clunky, memory-hogging thing that constantly needed to connect to the internet to download virus definitions. Virus definitions are like a library of known threats and malicious files, and if you didn’t have the latest virus definitions, you weren’t protected from the most recent threats.

The Problem

The problem with virus definitions is not necessarily that they depend upon people’s ability to detect what is a virus and what is not. The antivirus community demonstrates true expertise, vigilance, and commitment to keeping people safe. The true problem lies in a crucial limitation of the virus definition model: The virus has to be defined, and your computer has to know that it has been defined, in order for you to be protected. But what happens with new, unknown threats? There’s a term in the industry called “Zero-Day threats” because they give the software developer zero days to create a patch for the vulnerability. Inevitably, a few computers will get infected with the new threat before it is known to be a threat, causing costly damage and potential loss of data.

A Different Way

CylanceProtect software approaches the cyber threat protection question from a different angle: What if we could stop cyber attacks before they are known to be threats? Is it possible to stop malware from executing on your system, even before anyone has ever labeled the code as malicious?

It turns out this is possible, but it had to be built in a different way. The developers at Cylance used machine learning to “teach” their system to block malware. Artificial intelligence means that the computer itself is developing the algorithm that it uses to determine whether a given file is suspicious or not.

When humans look at a file to check for whether or not it is a threat, they use hundreds of data points that serve as signals to flag the likelihood of the file being dangerous. However, when the Cylance system looks at a file, it is looking at over 6 million data points to analyze whether the file is safe. Essentially, it uses the same process our brains use, only with exponentially greater computing power. This makes Cylance more than 99 percent accurate at sorting good files from bad ones, even ones that have never before been seen or known to be a threat.

The Solution

Your small or medium-size business deserves the top-of-the-line protection that you get from Cylance technology, but it is not something that you can just go down and pick up at Best Buy. Now you can obtain CylanceProtect software from High Castle Cybersecurity. Not only are we authorized resellers of Cylance, we also can provide all the management and oversight of your network security. Get the expert talent from High Castle on your side, freeing up your time for what you do best, and giving you the peace of mind that your system is protected.

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